Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ways to Weed

I'm a diligent weeder. To give my vegetables the best possible chance I do my best to remove all competition from competing weeds. At the moment, I reckon my average visit to the plot is split into time segments of 80% weeding, 10% planting, 10% sipping tea & admiring the views and watching the weather rolling in across the sea views.

But boy-oh-boy, do my calves ache.

A booming red ant population (multiple nests in most of my beds, probably due to lack of any rain in April) and ongoing general arachnophobia, mean I take a squatting pose rather than a kneeling one. I can manage about 10 minutes at a time before needing to stand and stretch. Sometimes wish I could semi-metamorphose into a squatting frog-like creature. Could squat for hours and deal with the greenfly all in one hit.

When weeding, my mind usually floats off into the oddest thoughts. Listening to the magpies crawing, wish I could lasso them to help me out a little.

Or best of all, I dream of channelling Maya from Space 1999.

Then I'd change myself into a weed-loving snail and solve all my problems.

Could do without the weird eyebrows though.


  1. :D You are funny. Wouldn't it be nice if we could train animals like snails to eat the plants that we want them to?

  2. Hi, love your drawings, I think I spend too much time sipping tea.....hence the weeds!

  3. Maya from space..who remembers that?! used to be my most favourite show of all times when I was young...we didn't get much good TV in a communist usual, I love your drawings...always bring a smile to my face, especially that I have tons and tons of weeding to do myself and the very thoughts of all the pain in my calves (and pouring rain) are stopping me...

  4. Love the snail idea - you'd get used to the eyebrows, not sure about the teeth though!