Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Return of the Unpleasant Pheasant

I sowed 60 aquadulce broad beans back in early January.

Ever so gently nurtured them on windowsills.

Very carefully hardened them off in the cold-frame at home.

With love, braved the mud, and planted them all out in neat rows at the allotment.

Only to see them decimated this week by the resident pesky allotment pheasant.

And for what? The darn thing doesn't even eat the shoots - just idiotically pulls them up in the hope of the odd worm maybe, if it's very very lucky, making an appearance.

Wanton vandalism that leaves me dreaming of shooting the darn pest....


  1. Would you like to borrow my resident Fox? I'm sure it would like to meet (meat?) your resident pheasant...

  2. That pheasant shows a bit of pluck...?

  3. I've just discovered your blog. Like the drawings. Are they yours?

    This sort of event is demoralising, but you just have to pick yourself up and start again, don't you.

    I'd like an allotment, but have a fairly large garden to already contend with!

  4. pheasant and broad bean stew...gorgeous!

  5. I think I know how you feel!
    I'm not very pleased with the sparrows nipping the heads off my primroses. I still don't know why they do it - they certainly don't eat them.

  6. My squadron of squirrels do this too. They pull up any bulb planted and take a bit out of it and throw it away. They also dig about 50 holes a day just randomly... and heaven forbid you plant a new nursery plant.. by the next morning the will have dug the whole thing up and tossed it to the side just in case you hid some pecans under there.

  7. mmmm .. i hear pheasant makes a very delicious meal ..