Sunday, 17 January 2010

Choosing Seeds

So.... I've only got a half-plot, so not sure exactly how I think I'm going to squeeze all these varieties in..... But 2010 will be our first year growing veg on the allotment, so thought I'd try everything to see what really does taste amazingly different - and then whittle down my choices 2011 onwards. So here's the list:

  • Aubergine (Moneymaker)
  • Basil (Sweet Genovese)
  • Beetroot (Burpees Golden; Boltardy)
  • Broadbean (Aquadulce Claudia)
  • Cabbage (Minicole)
  • Carrot (Resistafly)
  • Cauliflower (All the Year Round; Candid Charm)
  • Climbing Bean (Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco)
  • Courgette (Midnight F1; Soleil F1)
  • Cucumber (Swing F1)
  • Fennel (Colossale)
  • French Bean (Canadian Wonder)
  • Leek (Carlton; Bandit)
  • Lettuce (Buttercrunch; Salad Bowl; Counter; Tom Thumb)
  • Onion (Supasweet Dulcinea; Red Baron)
  • Parsnip (Tender and True)
  • Pea (Calibra)
  • Radish (Black Spanish Round)
  • Rocket (Wild)
  • Shallot (Banana)
  • Sorrell (Belleville)
  • Spinach (Fiorana; Bordeaux F1)
  • Squash (Gem Store; Butternut Hawk F1; Marina di Chioggia)
  • Swede (Marian)
  • Sweet Pepper (Sweet Chocolate)
  • Swiss Chard (Bright Lights)
  • Tomatoes (Costoluto Fiorentino; Roma VF; Garden Pearl; Mirabelle Blanche; Millefleur Yello Vine; Red Cluster Pear; Black Cherry; Tigerella; Moneymaker; Harbinger; Cream Sausage; Gardeners Delight)
I'm a little shocked just now at the realisation that I have 12 packs of tomato seeds... though I think at least half of those came free with gardening magazines or were sent out free with other seed orders... still, may have a go at growing them all for taste tests - but can see that I'm going to have to make some space in my back garden for maybe half of these...

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