Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hello my old friend

Lots of foliage has died back after the harshest winter in 30 years. An old mannequin head I planted 5 years ago is suddenly very visible again, after nestling & hiding away for a number of years. Good to see it again - think I might grow it a topiary wig this year with a leafy annual.

Still cold at night - we've been frost free this week - but any water in pots froze over last weekend. Leeks are coming up in the 4-tier greenhouse outside. Purple Sprouting broccoli is doing well & needs potting on this weekend - will hang on to those a few more weeks in my sheltered back garden before taking up to the more exposed plot.

Aubergines doing well. These are indoors on window sills over warm radiators, and will stay indoors till May I think.

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