Saturday, 27 February 2010

Oh Yes.

It's been way to wet over the past week to go to the lottie, but dry enough today to have a close look at the back garden and admire this little beauty (Iris Reticulata) which opened up this morning. Spring is definitely here.

I bought 4 strawberry plants last October, each with numerous runners. I got these home & potted them up, all except one have rooted & taken, and have been out in the back garden all winter & survived all the snow & ice that winter has thrown at them this year. I'll take these up to the allotment & plant out in March.

This very early variety of Purple Sprouting Broccoli (called "Summer Purple") sown in January is still doing fine in the garden - now temperatures are above freezing, they're growing again & putting out true leaves. Will sow some more this weekend, but will try planting these ones out in late March. Should be ready to harvest from June onwards.

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