Sunday, 7 February 2010

Rhubarb bed

Rhubarb now has it's own bed, in the shady spot behind the shed. Hopefully will do ok there - seems that not even the weeds flourish in that spot, as despite showing all the signs of several years neglect, it didn't take long to dig over. We treated the crowns appallingly - dug them up, chopped them into bits, and left them out to be battered by wind rain and frost, and buried under snow and ice throughout late Dec & early Jan. And still the pieces were getting busy budding & sprouting in a very hooliganish Ramsay-esque fashion. So instead of 2 huge crowns, we now have about a dozen plants (crownlets?). Four we gave away to a friend, six are in so far, still got a bit more digging to do before the final couple go in.

It's been the first weekend in several months that weather has been dry enough to allow us to spend both the Sat & Sun on the plot. I ache all over, and it feels wonderful.

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