Sunday, 14 February 2010

Keep on Digging

And the digging goes on, whenever the weather holds off and earth is dry enough to allow us to continue. Luckily, unless saturated, 2 or 3 dry days is enough.

We're about three quarters done - just the final quarter to go. It's where I'm planning to put my potatoes, so reckon we've got another 4 weeks to get through it.

It's March in 2 weeks time - it'll be time to start sowing in earnest. I look at the sowing calender I've made, and although every window sill is already covered with seedlings or chitting tatties, I've got the motherload of stuff waiting to get started next month. Here's hoping for a mild spell of weather so once seedlings show, I can harden things off and get stuff shifted outside to the 4-tier greenhouse relatively quickly.

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