Monday, 5 April 2010

Those pesky curvy straight lines

Now, I've been gardening for about 20 years. I thought I knew what I was doing, but the plot..... oh, the plot.... Different kettle of fish entirely. Allotment gardening is all about straight lines. I had visions of vegetables marching smartly up and down the beds. All my plans were drawn with pen and ruler, vegetables stretching away to infinity & beyond. But now my onions & garlic are coming up, it's clear that everything I've put in so far has a distinct... how shall I put this?.... wobble. Mr SNAH says "why don't you just use 2 pegs and a bit of string next time to mark out the straight lines before you plant/dig?" and I wail back "but I diiiiiid!".

And as for my potato trenches....oh dear. Everyone else's at the site look like this:

But mine look like this:

Actually, I'm probably being a little kind to myself there.

Nevermind. My first earlies (Maris Bard, Vales Emerald & Homeguard) & seconds (Edgecoat Purple, Wilja) are in. An iffy planting line isn't going to have any impact on the taste, and with a bit of luck maybe it'll confuse any slugs intent on burrowing into the tubers before I dig them up. As I'm sure I read somewhere (ahem.... cough cough) that slugs working their way through underground crops only work in straight lines (couldn't possibly offer a citation on that). Least that's what I'll tell everyone, until I can get up there again to rig up a set of curtains around my potato trenches. I'll invest in some flowery Cath Kidson ones and maybe no-one'll notice - they'll blend in with the general springy springiness springing up everywhere. Oh the shame.

So, busy week ahead. I plainly need to redraft my plot plans, banishing all straight lines, I'll be going for the circular wavy look, by the way. It's the way forward.


  1. (lol) love it - I have to get shedman to do all my straight lines - I cannot do them even with rulers

  2. I think there's too much emphasis on gardening perfection. If your plants are healthy, who cares if the rows shimmy and sway a little? After all, it's a garden, not a factory!

  3. Hi and thanks for picking me as a fave. Don't worry I struggle with straight lines too! It's what it tastes like that counts, not how perfect it looks...but I know how you feel - I long for a pretty plot too!

  4. Who needs straight lines? The plants don't care. At least that's what I tell myself...

  5. I would quite happily put up with wavy rows, if only I could get my potatoes planted. It's still way too wet on my allotment at the moment.

  6. My mother used to say that her rows were just a little too short, so she had to crook them up just a little to get all the plants in.

    When everything is growing well, blossoming and bearing fruit, all will be beautiful.

  7. Oh..I didn't know about the straight lines...I plant my vegies hodge podge...wherever the fancy takes looks, ah...interesting...nobody has ever commented (this is my first time doing a vegie garden at a new place we just built)...The only rule is to keep them apart just enough as not to get crowded, and I also put herbs in there too, and roses...oh dear...