Friday, 9 April 2010

Think I'm going potty

I'm living in conditions where I can't do anything without first considering the health, safety & wellbeing of hundreds of plants scattered throughout the house, hogging all the light coming in through the windows. Cannot open windows without moving trays of tomatoes & chillies. Cannot boil the kettle for tea without shifting aubergines. Cannot wash up without relocating the cucumber seedlings. And as for watching TV... well, let's just say that gymnastics are involved.

And that's just indoors. Out in the back garden there are the 2 mini 4-tier greenhouses to consider. Temperatures are warming up nicely now, so I noticed at the beginning of the week that everything was starting to look a bit wilty - so fresh air being the order of the day, each morning before heading out to work I unzip these, and I zip them back up of an evening when I get home.

I also have to remember to top up the food on the bird table. Two enormous big-bellied wood pigeons (is it me, or do they have teeny weeny heads?) have started visiting daily and gorging themselves on the seed that I put out for their smaller cousins. They're a bit of a pest and I don't like to encourage them - but now I'm on a chain-gang of endless seed provision, or my brassicas will get it in the neck.

Time to take some of this hardier stuff down to the plot this weekend - the 10-day forecast looking good, so worth taking a punt at planting some of it out now.


  1. It sounds like a familiar sight, plants covering just about every spare square inch in the house. The better weather is here now so hopefully we'll be able to reclaim the windowsills soon.

  2. Hilarious! We were drowning in seedlings last month.

  3. I love your drawing!! Love it! UDG

  4. I really enjoy your drawings and art on your blog. It is something different and very expressive!

  5. I feel your pain! Our entire dining table is completely covered in the flower and vegetable seedlings waiting to go out in the windowboxes leaving us with a tiny corner to precariously balance two plates on...